What are the differences between home loans?

It is worth paying attention to which of the wide range of home loan facilities borrowers require, as with a $ 8 million loan, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive loans can be 6-8 thousand a month and 5 million in the long term compilation. According to Good Finance experts, more and more Read More

Net pay vs. home loan – a spectacular change

The monthly repayment of an average home loan will take 32 percent of the average payment this year. Five years ago, the rate was still 52 percent, down 20 percentage points, according to Good Finance’s analysis that rising net real wages may contribute to the credit turnaround. Interest on both personal loans and home loans Read More

Amounts can be borrowed and how long | Loans

People of this association, 12 non-bank lenders in Latvia, possess agreed on the principles associated with fair commercial practice. GoodCredit has signed a Good Exercise Standard and agreed to produce a customer charter. As evidence of this, the company’s website hows the LNKA brand with all the inscription “ Responsible Lender”. The company’s website has Read More

How personal mini-credit helps growth

Economic growth depends on credit. This is one of the economic truths that everyone knows. However, the personal mini – credit formula has gone a step further. Indeed, in the face of the immobility of traditional credit societies. The personal mini-credit: a way to prosper As we have said, credit is essential for growth. However, Read More