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Served sailors: Good news from France, Julio; reaction to the Castillo trade

The Mariners are in the midst of a tough seven-game road trip, and it’s been made even tougher by the fact that the team’s top two hitters have been out of the roster for a few days.

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But there’s good news when it comes to these two sluggers, as Mariners manager Scott Servais told Seattle Sports 710 AM’s Bump and Stacy on Tuesday afternoon.

France and Julio are going in the right direction

The Mariners lost their two All-Stars when Ty France (wrist) and Julio Rodríguez (wrist/hand) fell in Houston on Saturday. Rodríguez was hit by a throw and left later as France finished the game but have not played since following an awkward swing. Rodríguez is on the 10-day injured list while France is still on the active list.

Servais is optimistic the two will be back sooner rather than later.

“Ty is feeling better. He took a few swings, just off the tee in the cage today,” Servais said. “Will he be available tomorrow? I’m not sure yet. But he’s feeling great Today he probably won’t take batting practice on the field or anything like that, but the wrist is calming down, which is definitely a good sign there.

As for Rodríguez, he is doing better than expected at this stage.

“Julio is feeling a lot better too. He is under IL for 10 days. We have to wait another seven days to get it back,” Servais said. “But it’s progressing, probably a little faster than we expected. So everything is fine. It’s really good there.

Also, utility Dylan Moore, who also quit last Saturday’s game and is on the IL due to back spasms, is making good progress.

“Dylan Moore, who’s not with us (in New York) – he went back to Seattle with back spasms – he’s feeling better too,” Servais said. “So some positive news on that front.”

While the Mariners want those three — especially France and Rodríguez — back as soon as possible, Servais noted the team needs to be patient.

“We need these guys. We need them. But we also need them to be healthy when they come back, so we have to be patient,” he said. “It’s hard to be like that when you play against the best teams in the league, but it’s just a little adversity that we have to deal with at the moment.”

Addition of Castillo

The Mariners will certainly get a boost when France and Rodríguez return, but they’ll also get a boost on Wednesday when new star pitcher Luis Castillo makes his first start for Seattle.

The The Mariners acquired Castillo from the Cincinnati Reds in a blockbuster deal last Friday, and Servais has a fun story about how he first learned he would get another ace for the spin.

“I heard about the seventh or eighth innings. Manny Acta came to me after being third baseman coach, and he just said (Houston Astros third baseman) Alex Bregman just told him we acquired Luis Castillo,” Servais said with a laugh. . “…I don’t know where Bregman got it from, but that’s how I first heard about it…And of course after the game I found out it was true . So everything was fine. »

Castillo joined the Mariners in New York on Monday, and he and Servais were able to meet and talk. How was it?

“I had the chance to speak to him yesterday when he walked into the stadium here. Really a good guy,” Servais said. club. You know, he’s very comfortable (here) – obviously, (Eugenio Suárez) and Jesse Winker have a relationship with him after playing with him in Cincinnati.

Servais immediately got personal with Castillo.

“The first thing I did was it’s kind of like the long dreads, and I just had to check and make sure they were real and it wasn’t a fake. ‘extensions,” Servais said. “So he laughed at me and said, ‘No, they’re real Grandpa. I’m the real deal.

Castillo is a two-time All-Star who has “elite stuff,” Servais said.

“You are going to see a fastball that will go from 96 to 99 mph. It’s a flowing fastball, there’s a ton of movement on it. He has an elite change. I think at one point his change was classified on the major league scales as a 70 or 80 (rank) change, and 80 is the top of the scale. And he’s not afraid to throw it at anyone,” Servais said. “It also has a slider.”

What about his command?

“The command, it’s not going to be a precise command, it’s going to stuff you,” Servais said. “He’s going to chase you and no matter who’s in the box he’s going to challenge the batters. He’s had a lot of success in the league. He’s got a lot of confidence, he’s not scared and he’s a perfect fit for our ball club. right now.

Listen to the full interview with Servais on this link or in the player below.

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