French tax

Completing your first French tax return: a simple guide

Your very first return can be submitted in paper form, which was the only option until recently. Indeed, the beginners were not registered with the tax system and did not have a tax identification number. However, you can now apply for a number online, which will also allow you to make your first declaration online. […]

French market

6 tips for selling fashion online in the French market

France is the world’s seventh largest economy and the third largest e-commerce market in Europe. 73% of the French population made at least one purchase online last year. That said, French shoppers are notoriously picky in their shopping preferences. The translationFirst, most French people will not buy online if the site is not […]

French market

Orange concludes a secure cloud pact for the French market

Orange has signed an agreement with the IT and consulting company Capgemini to create a cloud platform designed to meet the strict security requirements set by the French state. Bleu aims to provide services to public and private institutions processing sensitive data throughout France. The pair will also work with Microsoft on the offer. In […]

French market

The adventure-ready Voge 300 DS enters the French market

The past few years have brought a crop of lightweight, affordable, beginner-friendly adventure bikes. With more and more people catching the ADV bug, this is by no means a surprise. After all, swinging a leg over a 1,100cc Adventurer can indeed be rather daunting, especially for first-time riders. Ultimately, light and nimble ADV bikes also […]

French market

Truephone call recording compliance equipment enters the French market

Since January 1, 2018, MiFID II requires financial institutions to capture and store all audio and text communications that may be related to a transaction, whether or not it occurs or whether the communications are via mobile phone, landline or a video call. The vast majority of French financial market participants have not met this […]