French market

CMS Distribution acquires Avesta to expand the French market

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Value-added distributor CMS Distribution Ltd has acquired Avesta, a French distributor based on the outskirts of Paris. Avesta is a specialist hardware technology distributor specializing in mobile solutions and high-tech products, focused on the French market and employing 32 people. This acquisition further strengthens CMS Distribution’s position as one of the European leaders in […]

French tax

Warning after closing a fake French tax website

French authorities have urged taxpayers to remain vigilant after the shutdown of a bogus website set up to hack the data of people trying to settle their property tax or housing tax bills. The bogus site was so convincing that it prompted Finances Publiques to issue a warning on social networks: “A fraudulent site […]

French market

Is the West Hollywood French market about to be redesigned?

Plans to integrate the French West Hollywood market into a new complex with office and retail space could change shape. On Friday, the city circulated a public notice saying a hearing on the plans had been postponed “to an uncertain date.” The notice stems from a Sept. 19 meeting, when planning staff told the West […]