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Google takes a hard line and refuses to pay French news sites despite the new law

Amesy / Getty Google will pay nothing to French news agencies for the privilege of linking to their articles, the search giant said on Wednesday. France is the first country to implement a European-wide directive intended to extract money from the tech giants. The copyright overhaul, approved by the European Parliament in March, requires EU […]

French tax

French tax dispute: Google pays $1.1 billion, Apple could be next

Google has agreed to pay nearly 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) to settle a French tax dispute. The amount includes €465m in underpaid taxes and a fine of €500m. Google said in a statement that it “agreed” to pay the tax… Reuters reports. Google announced on Thursday that it had agreed to pay 465 million […]

French tax

Google to pay over $ 1 billion in fines to end France tax evasion investigation

PARIS: US Internet giant Google has reached an agreement worth a total of 945 million euros ($ 1.0 billion) to end a tax dispute in France under an agreement announced Thursday in court. The company will pay a fine of 500 million euros for tax evasion, as well as an additional 465 million euros to […]

French tax

Google pays more than a billion dollars to settle French tax affairs

PARIS — Google is paying more than $ 1 billion in fines and back taxes to settle two tax disputes in France, where it has faced years of investigations into whether it has correctly reported all its activities in the country. The French financial prosecutor said on Thursday that a court had approved a 500 […]