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French news sites unite to block ad blockers

Wikimedia Commons French media owners, including Le Monde, L’Equipe and RTL, are among the latest media owners to take a common stance against ad blocking by collectively asking users of such software to uninstall blockers or go without contents. Other media owners to take part in the pan-national stance against ad blockers include a host […]

French news

French news sites block ad blockers, asking readers to uninstall or lose access | Ad blocking

Adblocker users are either asked or forced to uninstall the software before they can read news content on some of the biggest French media websites, who claim they are deprived of vital income by using such software . The initiative, organized by a trade association representing online businesses, aimed to reverse the growing popularity of […]

French tax

Participations are targeted by the French tax authorities

Article 29 of the 2015 amending finance law (lamending finance bill for 2015 “LFR 2015), which went relatively unnoticed, substantially modifies articles 119 ter and 145 of the CGI, restricting the exemption from withholding tax on distributions to foreign parent companies and the exemption from tax on subsidiary parent companies (“IRS” ) on dividends for […]