Payday loans to households are growing: the figures for the first half of 2017 show an increase in requests, and an increase in the amounts financed. Compared to the previous period, between January and June 2017 there was an increase of + 1.5% in requests, and an average + 6.5% relative to the amounts financed.

Personal payday loans to families

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The main source of data, moreover confirmed by the main credit institutions, is the credit data, which reports the performance of formal preliminary assessments of loans and mortgages collected by EURISC, the credit information system of the CRIF.

In part, the results reflect the consolidation of the economic conditions with particularly favorable interest rates, which have led many families to apply for loans to credit institutions to support their consumption.

The data collected show an interesting growth in the personal loans sector. Loans underwent specialization (+ 4.0%), while loans for the purchase of goods and services fell slightly (-0.6%), compared to the previous half.

The average amount requested is growing

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If we analyze the first half of the current year, the figure for personal loans and special-purpose loans showed a + 6.5%, with an amount equal to 9178 euros on average. The value is definitely positive as it consolidates the recovery compared to the pre-crisis values.

In the last semester, the finalized loans recorded an average value of 6,030 euros (+ 9.0% net compared to the second half of 2016) while personal loans an increase of + 3.8%, reaching 12,921 euros. The most requested amounts remain, however, those less than 5,000 euros.

The age groups interested in the payday loan

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According to the latest updates of the credit data, the prevalent range of applicants was that of subjects aged between 45 and 54 (25.6% of the total), followed by 35-44 years (23.7%) . The over 55 age group grew by + 0.7%. In this segment, according to statistics, purchases of cars, motorcycles and consumer electronics have increased by + 1.0%.