Month: July 2019

Amounts can be borrowed and how long | Loans

People of this association, 12 non-bank lenders in Latvia, possess agreed on the principles associated with fair commercial practice. GoodCredit has signed a Good Exercise Standard and agreed to produce a customer charter. As evidence of this, the company’s website hows the LNKA brand with all the inscription “ Responsible Lender”. The company’s website has Read More

Balance: What it is and why it is so important when applying for a loan

One of the main questions when applying for a loan has to do with the term. How long should you return it? Normally, there are terms ranging from two to five years, for most entities, but it is possible to find some that last six years. Evaluating the application of one of these credits Something Read More

How personal mini-credit helps growth

Economic growth depends on credit. This is one of the economic truths that everyone knows. However, the personal mini – credit formula has gone a step further. Indeed, in the face of the immobility of traditional credit societies. The personal mini-credit: a way to prosper As we have said, credit is essential for growth. However, Read More

Personal payday loans to families: the number and amounts increase

Payday loans to households are growing: the figures for the first half of 2017 show an increase in requests, and an increase in the amounts financed. Compared to the previous period, between January and June 2017 there was an increase of + 1.5% in requests, and an average + 6.5% relative to the amounts financed. Read More